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I just moved to Philadelphia to move in with my boyfriend and during this time I have fully embraced the fact that I am non binary. My boyfriend has been very supportive and his friends I have interacted with since I have made my gender identity known seem respectful but I have no community here and it’s really hard. I am really craving friendship in general but I would really like to meet fellow people who are genderqueer that live near me. Do you have any advice on how to find that or a certain media platform where I could start trying to connect with people?

Hello friend,

First, welcome to Philly! It’s a very LGBTQ welcoming place to live and there are diverse LGBTQ and allied folks and communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. I’m glad you reached out. It can be hard moving to a new city and building a new social and support network. There are some spaces I would recommend where you might meet other non-binary and genderqueer folks. The William Way Community Center has a program called TransWay and they have a social group for folks who identify as trans, genderqueer and non-binary twice a month. Check out The Mazzoni Center has a support group for trans and non-binary folks called Evolutions. Check out While this is not a group, it’s a space where you might meet other genderqueer and non-binary folks is at a Liberty City Drag King show at Tabu every month.

I hope this is helpful. You can reach out to us anytime!