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I have a female friend who is 31, self identifies as queer, and lives in a small community in Virginia. She has asked me about where she might relocate in the Philadelphia area that is not entirely urban and where being queer considered a ‘non-event.’ (I hate the word normal.) … and even might have a vibrant LGBT community.

I recommended New Hope, as she is an artist and that seems to fit the bill. But I’m stumped after that. Can you help expand some recommendations?


Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out! You’re a good friend for helping your friend identify some possible areas to locate. New Hope is absolutely beautiful with a vibrant LGBTQ community. Another area I would highly recommend is Mount Airy. It’s technically in Philadelphia but feels much like a hybrid of urban and rural living in many ways. It’s known to be a very LGBTQ and family-friendly area sprinkled with a diverse and thriving arts scene. I wish your friend the best on her search for the perfect next place she can call home!