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Financial Empowerment

Senior couple getting advice from their financial consultant at home

At JFCS we recognize that financial stress can continue even after a crisis has passed. We want to ensure that individuals feel confident that financial stability is within reach, even when money feels tight month after month. When finances feel confusing or overwhelming, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to make a change. JFCS is here to help provide clarity through the Financial Empowerment Program.

Financial empowerment is the process of learning about personal finances and practicing better financial habits. Being financially empowered means feeling in control of your money and confident about the financial decisions you make. Everyone stands to gain by understanding their finances and being able to make good decisions for long term stability.

We offer the following financial empowerment services:

Financial coaching

The financial coaching process will help guide people towards realizing their best financial future and the steps they need to take to get there. Coaching sessions are free and are typically scheduled monthly. Participants are entitled to as many sessions as needed to reach their financial goals. The financial coach will work at a pace each person is comfortable with and will help implement a spending plan that’s right for each individual situation.

Financial Coaching includes:

  • Defining and setting financial goals
  • Analyzing expenses to uncover spending leaks
  • Developing a budget or spending plan
  • Starting a savings plan
  • Creating a debt repayment plan
  • Accessing and reviewing credit reports

Financial Coaches offer:

  • An accountability partner
  • A safe space to discuss sensitive financial stressors
  • Help uncovering harmful financial behaviors or habits and the tools to correct them

Women & Money Support Groups

A supportive group of women who come together to learn about a wide range of financial topics, share tips and ideas, and alleviate stress and anxiety around money.

Financial Education

The Financial Empowerment Program also offers financial education workshops and sessions throughout the year as well as monthly drop-in sessions. Visit JFCS’ Events page for information on upcoming Financial Empowerment workshops.

Eligibility is determined based on the specific needs of the individual or family.

We offer services via a variety of locations and platforms: telehealth, in office settings, and mobile therapy for those who are eligible.

If fees are applicable, they are established on a case-by-case basis. If you need assistance, please do not let financial concerns keep you from calling for help. Payment options may include a sliding scale, Medicare, and/or additional assistance.

Our Staff

Laura Flowers, LSW, Director, Care Management

Sierra Huff, LSW, Financial Empowerment Care Manager

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