Intervention Services

group of people with a counselor in an intervention

JFCS Intervention Services are designed to provide caring and supportive counseling to adolescents and pre-teens who are at risk for potential or continued drug and alcohol use, or are exposed to drugs and alcohol through their family or peer group.

Our early intervention programs are dedicated to using evidence-based curricula with the goal of equipping children and teens with the knowledge base, toolkit, and supportive environment to identify and develop healthy coping strategies, set and reach positive goals, establish skills for building healthy relationships, and strategize for a healthier future.

JFCS Intervention Services also include Camp Mariposa, a camp experience for children ages 9 through 12 who have been impacted by substance use disorder in their family. The core component of the Camp Mariposa program is free weekend sessions that are held 4-6 times throughout the year. Each camp weekend offers traditional camp activities enhanced with educational and therapeutic elements designed to teach youth a variety of self-care and problem-solving strategies.

Intervention Services are available for students in Philadelphia only. All service requests are filled based on staffing availability and capacity.

Our Staff

Adrienne Tomlinson, Director, Education & Outreach Services –

Maura Hanlon, Intervention Specialist (Drugs & Alcohol, Camp Mariposa) –

Renee Mezer, Program Manager, Prevention & Intervention Services –