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Paula Goldstein Headshot Round
Paula Goldstein
President & CEO
Pia Eisenberg Headshot Round
Pia Eisenberg
Chief Business & Resource Development Officer
Paul Groch Headshot Round
Paul Groch
Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Rossi Headshot Round
Kevin Rossi
Chief People Officer
Lisa Ney Headshot Round
Lisa Ney, LCSW
Program Officer, People Living with Disabilities, Holocaust Survivor Support, Older Adults & Transportation
Courtney Owen Headshot Round
Courtney Owen, LCSW
Program Officer, Education and Outreach Services & Mental Health


In their leadership capacity, the Board of Directors provides overall strategic guidance and policy-level decision-making for JFCS. The Board’s leadership vision describes their role in serving the organization.

  • We support the JFCS staff and broader community by honoring our shared values, guiding positive growth and change, and leading through community service.
  • As a body, we reflect both the JFCS legacy and foundational purpose and the diversity of cultures and lived experiences of the community we serve.
  • We collaborate as a team and with community partners to address challenges, pursue opportunities, and meet community needs.
  • We are passionate, energetic, engaged, and committed to justice and service.



Sheree Bloch, Chair of the Boards of Directors & Trustees

Caren Barnet, Vice Chair

Jill Aschkenasy, Vice Chair

David Lazarus, Secretary

Jordan Klear, Treasurer

Matthew A. White, General Counsel

Charles (Les) Robbins, Immediate Past Chair

Paula Goldstein, President & CEO


Rabbi David Ackerman

Jill Aschkenasy

Caren Barnet

Sheree Bloch

Ruth Horowitz

Joy Wilf Keiser

Michael Kellerman

Adam Kessler

Jordan Klear

Deborah Gordon Klehr

David Lazarus

Adam Levine

Lindsey Marandola

Laura Bessen-Nichtberger

Charles (Les) Robbins

Lisa Schoenberg

Anisha Sinha

Amy Stein

Isa Welsch

Matthew A. White

Marcia Wilkof


Edward Brown

David Colman

Lana Dishler

Stephen Dubin

Ruth Dubois

Irving Gerber

Joseph Gerber

Dena Goldberg

Bob Kagan

Leah Katz

Abby Kline

Hon. Marlene Lachman

Howard Langer

Murray Levin

Barbara Lincow

Alan Lindy

Irwin Lipton

Howard Magen

Lindsey Morgan

Ruth Nathanson

Rosalind Neff

Norman Olson

Robert Pearlstein

Curt Pontz

Bob Shusterman

Doug Simon

Marjorie Stein

Diane Steinbrink

Bob Wachter

Joan P. Wohl

Hon. Flora Wolf


Anna Z. Boni

Leonard J. Cooper z”l

Patricia G. Cramer

Joyce Fishbein z”l

Samuel L. Frieder z”l

Joan Grossman z”l

Ivan Gabel  z”l

James R. Kahn

Owen Knopping z”l

Adam E. Laver

Charles (Les) Robbins

Doug F. Schleicher

Carl Schneider

Joseph Smukler z”l

Jessica Newman Solomon

Michael Willner