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A middle-aged white woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a black shirt sits at a microphone with a piece of paper in her hand. She smiles at the camera.

JFCS is committed to advocating for a more inclusive and equitable world. We focus on helping adolescents and adults with disabilities, along with their families and caregivers, play a critical role in speaking out on issues that affect them, bringing awareness to the general community and legislators in order to bring about change.

Our advocacy program for people living with disabilities includes:

  • Nothing About Us Without Us: an ongoing group for adults dedicated to inclusion and equal opportunity for people living with disabilities. Members use skills developed in the group to educate, promote awareness, and lobby for laws affecting themselves and their peers.  
  • Self-Advocacy: focuses on supporting people living with disabilities in finding their own voices and using them to advocate for themselves in their daily lives.

Our Staff

Lisa Ney, LCSW, Program Officer, People Living with Disabilities, Holocaust Survivor Support, Older Adults & Transportation

Or Ben Ari, LCSW, Program Director

Jessica Foltz, LCSW, Program Coordinator & Therapist

Lena Glickman, Programming Specialist

To contact us about our People Living with Disabilities Program, CLICK HERE