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Pregnancy & Options Counseling

Pregnant Woman sitting on a wooden bench.

JFCS’ Open Arms Adoption Network assists those who are pregnant, as well as new mothers, who are not sure they are ready to parent at this current time. We serve those in PA, NJ, NY, or DE. Through counseling, you will determine whether open adoption, semi-open adoption, or confidential adoption is right for you.

Open Arms provides non-judgmental personalized support to help women, at any point in their pregnancy or after delivery, decide what is best for them and their baby. Open Arms provides education and exploration of all options, with adoption as one potential path. Individuals are then supported in their choice with free ongoing counseling throughout the pregnancy and beyond. For those who choose an option other than adoption, we also offer referrals to local parenting resources or abortion care sites that treat women with dignity and respect.

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Our Staff

Meredith Rose, Director, Open Arms Adoption Network

Keri Adamson, Adoption Coordinator

Michele LeMasney, Adoptive Family Support & Training Coordinator

Susan Meeker, Adoption Coordinator

Stefani Moon, Contractor

Liz Roberts, Adoption Coordinator

Nicole Russo, Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Wallis, Administrative Manager

Lisa Walters, Adoption Supervisor

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