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Suicide Prevention

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JFCS has a comprehensive approach to addressing the sensitive challenge of suicidal ideation through our prevention and intervention services. Our program utilizes therapeutic approaches to prevent, educate, and treat those who are struggling with this issue. We equip individuals and their families, along with organizations across our region, with the tools needed to recognize signs of suicide and take the appropriate steps to help.

The program’s goals are to encourage personal help-seeking, reduce the stigma of mental illness, and inspire local organizations to develop partnerships to support the mental health of their communities.


We work with partners in the community and collaborate with various task forces to address community needs around suicide prevention.

Prevention & Education

Signs of Suicide Program: Prevention specialists work with public, private, and parochial schools, camps, and community centers to teach an evidence-based suicide prevention curriculum to youth, families, teachers, and administrators. The program focuses on early intervention, risks and warning signs, and guidance.


Skilled therapists work with those struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders that potentially increase risk of suicidal ideation and intent.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

We also offer training for the gatekeeper prevention model QPR which teaches people to identify individuals who are showing warning signs of suicide risk, and how to help these individuals get the services they need. This training is for anyone in the general community, groups, organizations, and all those interested at no cost.

Our Staff

Courtney Owen, LCSW, Program Officer, Education and Outreach Services & Mental Health

Adrienne Tomlinson, LCSW, Director, Education & Outreach

Mary Boardman, MSW, Youth & Adult Therapist

Orah Chasen, Prevention Specialist

Carly Chodosh, LSW, Social Worker & Care Manager

Christina Comenos, LCSW, IFS Clinical Program Manager

Galia Godel, M.Ed., Program Manager, LGBTQ Initiative

Rachel Levy, Prevention Specialist

Dana Marcus, LCSW, Adult Clinical Social Worker

Ronni Troodler, LCSW, Orthodox Services Social Worker & Program Manager

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