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I think I’m Pansexual, But my brother is already a demiboy and asexual and if I tell my parents they might think I’m following her or want more attention. Should I come out to my brother?

Hello friend,

I’m so glad you reached out. From what you shared it sounds like your brother is out as being a demiboy and asexual so you may feel more comfortable coming out as pansexual to your brother first. It’s important to think about how someone could respond to you coming out and decide for yourself if the potential positive and/or negative reactions will make you lean towards coming out or not at any given time. If you feel safe and comfortable telling your brother first, then think about how and where you want to come out. Perhaps you can find a quiet space where you can talk one on one in private. Once you gain your brother’s support you may then feel ready to come out to your parents or others. Again, it helps to think about potential responses and what you would feel comfortable with before making the decision to come out. Regardless of what your brother, your parents or anyone else you come out to may think or say you know best who you are and how you feel. If you are pansexual that’s completely valid and no one can take that away from you no matter what they think of it. If for any reason you do not feel supported by family or friends after coming out, you may want to look into seeing if there is a local LGBTQPA community Center or group to connect with. You can also check out online resources such as to connect with others who are pansexual or who you may be able to relate to. You can always reach out again should you ever have more questions or need support.