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JFCS’ Paula Goldstein brings you behind the scenes of non-profit leadership, sharing her insights into all that goes into the growth and evolution of a full-service agency serving the varied needs of our community.

Paula has worked within the Jewish community for more than 30 years. Prior to assuming the role of President and CEO in 2011, Paula served as COO and held numerous director positions. As President and CEO Paula has established a dynamic executive team, implemented a strategic plan, and moved the organization’s budget from $10 to $17 million. Strengthening the leadership development of both the Board and staff has been one of Paula’s primary goals, along with expanding JFCS’ reach in the community to ensure that the organization is providing care for the changing needs of individuals and families.

Helping In the Midst of Our Hurt

As the CEO of a nonprofit organization, I’ve spent years working with staff members navigating through crises – struggling to…

Dr. King’s Message in Action

As Martin Luther King ,Jr. Day approaches, I can’t help but reflect on this past year – specifically the last…

Leading With Your Head When Your Heart is in Crisis

In my thirteen years as CEO for JFCS, I can honestly say that the past four years have tested my…

Cheerful multiethnic extended family taking selfie and having fun together while gathering on patio.

Home for the Holidays Can be a Mixed Bag. And That’s OK!!

Throughout the year, families of varying sizes and backgrounds come together (most often around major holidays) to reminisce and reconnect….

A group of JFCS staff wearing sweatshirts with logos posed in front of boxes at the Jewish Relief Agency.

Day of Service Connects Us to Legacy of Dr. King

It’s a Sunday morning, the day before Martin Luther King Day and I sit reflecting on the volunteer experience that…

An older hande holds a pile of dirt with a seedling sprouting out of it. A child's hands surround both.

A Changing Ecosystem

We are experiencing a changing ecosystem for non-profit organizations. As we navigate these changes, having the ability to be adaptive…

Large group of staff members in multicolored shirts pose for group photo under trees.

A New Way to Work

There has been a tremendous shift over the past year and a half in the way that we “come to…

Middle-aged white woman with short brown hair stands with elderly white man in baseball cap and tween jacket. Both smile at the camera.

Being a Community Listener

One thing I observe so often in my role as CEO of JFCS is just how challenging life is for…

Middle-aged white woman with brown hair and a colorful floral dress leans over elderly white man in white shirt and kippah.

The Profession of Life

March is social work appreciation month, and it gives me intentional time to reflect on the impact of being a…

Middle-aged white woman with short brown hair and glasses smiles at the camera, wearing a gray sweatshirt.

The Work from Home Balancing Act

One of the greatest pressures that employees are facing today in our world of on-and-off again remote work is work-life…

Self-Awareness: A Key to Success

Now that I have adult children who are in the “work world,” they frequently tell me about the highs and…

Conductor directing symphony orchestra with performers on background.

Creating a Road Map for the Future

One of my primary roles as the leader of a non-profit is to vision for the future of the organization….

Paula Goldstein, white middle aged woman with short brown hair, sits in jeans and a gray shirt on her couch with her labradoodle and black laptop.

Through Crisis Comes Growth

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year and a half of JFCS working remotely in most of…