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JFCS’ Paula Goldstein brings you behind the scenes of non-profit leadership, sharing her insights into all that goes into the growth and evolution of a full-service agency serving the varied needs of our community.

Paula has worked within the Jewish community for more than 30 years. Prior to assuming the role of President and CEO in 2011, Paula served as COO and held numerous director positions. As President and CEO Paula has established a dynamic executive team, implemented a strategic plan, and moved the organization’s budget from $10 to $17 million. Strengthening the leadership development of both the Board and staff has been one of Paula’s primary goals, along with expanding JFCS’ reach in the community to ensure that the organization is providing care for the changing needs of individuals and families.

Self-Awareness: A Key to Success

Now that I have adult children who are in the “work world,” they frequently tell me about the highs and…

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Creating a Road Map for the Future

One of my primary roles as the leader of a non-profit is to vision for the future of the organization….

Paula Goldstein, white middle aged woman with short brown hair, sits in jeans and a gray shirt on her couch with her labradoodle and black laptop.

Through Crisis Comes Growth

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year and a half of JFCS working remotely in most of…